How To Earn £1,200 Per Month with Your Own Typing Business From Home

Typing From HomeDo you want to make money typing from home?

Do you want to work the hours that suit you and not someone else?

Then you need to start your own typing business.

You see, I know from first-hand experience that there are very few legitimate typing from home jobs. Unfortunately, 99% of advertised typing jobs are scams – I have fallen for one or two of these myself.

This is the reason why I started my own home-based typing business.

This is also the reason why I documented my step-by-step journey into setting up and starting my own transcription business and putting it into an ebook format – to help people like you to set up your own legitimate typing from home business by following my proven tracks to success.

I decided to specialise in only copy and digital transcription typing as this is what I enjoy doing the most and digital transcription is the most profitable part of a typing business.

What specialty services would you like to offer?


I came across the Typing Specialist website whilst doing some research on setting up a typing business from home. I felt the website was very clear and informative and it gave me some pointers as to the areas I need to look into when starting up such a business.

Claire also advertised the fact that she was due to publish an e book on setting up a typing business from home.  Since I was feeling very daunted about setting up my own typing business and needed some help and advice in this area, I put in an order for Claire’s book when it was released.

Having now read the book I am much more confident and feel I have the relevant information required to start my own typing business. I have searched and searched for such a typing book but I have not come across a one as up-to-date, clear, full of resources and down to earth. If you want to gain the know how on setting up a typing business I recommend you get “How to earn £1200 + Per Month (part-time) With Your Own General Transcription/Typing Business by Claire Bullerwell.

Oladunni Addy (Mrs)
Thamesmead, London

Digital Transcription – The New Era

Yes, digital transcription is the new era of of the old-fashioned ‘audio’ transcription.

No need to collect tapes from clients – they simply upload their digital recording (mp3 for example), you pick the recording up from your PC, transcribe the words, then send the typed document back to the client via email. It’s as simple as that!

And the best part of this business is that anybody who can type can do this from home. I’m not talking about medical or legal transcription where you have to have specialist training, I’m talking about offering general copy typing and digital transcription services.

General Transcription Work From Home

Digital DictationThanks to the Internet, more and more small businesses are looking to outsource their clerical and administrative tasks and typing is one of those tasks.

When I started researching into setting up a typing business, I saw that general transcription work was on offer on a lot of Typing Services’ websites (my competition), so this meant that there is a lot of general and business transcription work to be done – more than enough for me and all my competitors.

I really didn’t want to start studying to learn medical or legal transcription, so knowing that there was plenty of general and business typing work which needed to be done was a welcome sign for me.

So now I knew that there was plenty of work out there, I started my journey on setting up and running my own typing from home business. The book below is a consequence of my documented step-by-step journey and process of how I set up my own typing service.

This is a sneak preview of what is inside my book…

Excerpts From This Book

Why I Decided To Write This Book

I decided to write this book because I know that there are thousands of women like me who have typing skills and would love to work from home.

Unfortunately, most of us (me included) start looking Online for ‘typing from home jobs’ of which there are very very few. If fact, most of these adverts are scams – I have fallen for a couple of them myself.

If you see an advert that says something along the lines of ‘Typing from Home, Earn £1,000-£3,000 per Week‘ please ignore it, no matter how tempting it sounds. I mean honestly, how can you earn £3,000 a week just from typing?

If you want to earn a part-time or even full-time wage purely by typing from home, then you need to set up your own business. This is exactly what I decided to do, and now make a decent living running my own general transcription service.

What follows within these pages is the documented step-by-step process which I carried out when setting up my typing business. All you have to do is follow these steps and you too will soon have your own Typing Business working from home, working the hours that suit you.

So without further ado, welcome to…

“How To Earn £1,200 Per Month (part-time)
With Your Own General Transcription Business”


You’re In Demand…


The Growing Need For General Transcriptionists

With thanks to the Internet, the process for people running their businesses, both offline and online, has become very simplistic and global. Especially when it comes to the outsourcing of administrative tasks.

Home-based Virtual Assistant services have grown phenomenally over the last five years or so simply because it is so easy to communicate and share documents over the Internet.

High Speed Internet Connections

Access to high speed internet connections through broadband has led to communication and file sharing wonders….

The General Transcriptionist

Unlike a medical transcriptionist where you have to go through in-depth training for particular medical terminology, a general transcriptionist on the other hand needs no formal training and anyone who can type can be a general transcriptionist….

A decent typing speed of 65+ wpm and the right equipment is all that a general transcriptionist needs. However, the ability to carry out general transcription is not enough to run a successful business; you will need to acquire other skills to earn £1,200+ per month purely through typing.

By following my step-by-step instructions, you will possess all the knowledge and skills necessary to earn a full-time wage by working only part-time hours…


The Pricing Formula…


Pricing & Your Salary

This is probably the section you’ve been waiting for – the pricing formula for how to earn £1,200 per month working part-time!

As you’re probably already aware, there’s not one ‘set in stone’ way of pricing your typing services. You just need to do a quick search on Google to look at other typing service providers and view their different pricing structures to see how they differentiate.

Below I give you a run-down of the main ways of structuring your pricing, you can then choose which one will suit you the best. I’ll also give you the examples of how you can easily earn £1,200+ per month with the different price arrangements by only working four hours a day…


What’s Inside…


Table of Contents

1.   Foreword – Page 4
2.   The Growing Demand For General Transcriptionists – Page 5
3.   Don’t Do Audio Transcription?  How You Can Train To Be A
General Transcriptionist – Page 6
4.   Whose Your Target Market? – Page 8
5.   Skills Required – Page 9
6.   Equipment Required – Page 11
7.   Two Ways To Build Your Confidence Before You Get Clients – Page 12
8.   Pricing And Your Salary (The £1,200 a Month Formula) – Page 14
9.   How And When To Invoice – Page 16
10. Business Documentation – Page 17
11. Your Marketing Plan (Getting Clients) – Page 18-30
12. Business Administration and Customer Management – Page 31
13. Tips On Running Your Typing Business Part-Time Whilst
Working a Full-Time Job – Page 33
14. Being Realistic – Page 35
15. Business Practices – Page 36
16. Your Summary Checklist – Page 37
17. Helpful Resource Summary – Page 38
18. Appendices – Pages 40-49


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